Advising Network Announcements

New EDU Courses for Fall Semester

We have two new classes that are being housed in the College of Education, but open to any student. The two courses are EDU 300-13 CRLA Tutor Certification and Communication (3 credits) and EDU 300-14 Graduate School Preparation (2 credits). Students that are interested in teaching or working with students will find the CRLA Tutor Certification and Communication course helpful in understanding ways to work with people. The Graduate School Preparation course is for any student considering graduate school.

June SAP Outage

Dear Colleagues:


At 5 p.m., on Friday, June 2nd until Monday, June 5th at 7 a.m., Information Technology Services (ITS) will conduct necessary maintenance that will require SAP and all related systems (e.g., SAP, myUK, myUK Mobile, ProSAM, HANA, etc.) to be offline or have limited functionality. 


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at 859-218-HELP (4357) or email


Actions from May 1, 2017 Senate Meeting

Good morning, everyone. At the May 1, 2017 University Senate meeting, the items below were reviewed/approved.


  • Two December 2017 Honorary Degree Nominees APPROVED and sent under separate cover to appropriate parties


  • May 2017 Degree List APPROVED and sent under separate cover to appropriate parties


  • Early August 2017 Degree List APPROVED and sent under separate cover to appropriate parties


APP Information for Summer II Orientation

Here is a quick update on the Academic Preparation Program (APP) for Summer II 2017. More in-depth information on APP will be shared prior to the start of the main summer SBU’s.

APP-accepting colleges:

The colleges accepting APP students for Summer/Fall 2017 are: Agriculture, Food and Environment; Arts & Sciences; and Fine Arts.

All other colleges are *not* accepting APP students for Summer/Fall 2017.

APP placement testing:

Two JOU courses added for Fall 17

JOU 497-002: The Joy of Writing will be TR 11-12:15 Grehan 115, taught by Buck Ryan. JOU 497, The Joy of Writing

ACT -- New Academic Alert System -- is LIVE

The new academic alert system ACT (Academic Communication Tool) is live.
Attached you will find a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the new platform.
Also, ITS has developed a “sandbox” so that you can play around in the new platform. The sandbox has functionality just like the live platform, but has fake academic alerts for fake students which means you can’t break anything or do any damage.

MyUK GPS Enhancements are Going Live

Dear Colleagues,

We have been working throughout the spring semester to test and enable the latest updates in myUK GPS.  Many thanks go out to the Product Development & Integration Services Team ( formerly Mobile Portal Web), the Student Lifecycle Management Team, and the Degree Audit staff for their efforts in this process.

Below is a list of the updates and improvements that will launch into production on Wednesday, May 24th.

US_Provisionally Approved Course - MA 109

Good morning, everyone. Senate Council Chair Katherine McCormick has offered provisional approval for a course change for MA 109 (including its addition to UK Core), effective fall 2017. This course will be submitted to Senate for final approval in September. The link to the transmittal is below.

Approved Senate Transmittal from May 3, 2017

Good morning, everyone. The Senate web transmittal from May 3 has been approved due to lack of objection. The programs and eCATS courses approved can be found on this page (Please click on the link for the May 3 transmittal.) The courses that are in Curriculog can still be accessed by clicking on (in Curriculog) “Archived Agendas” and navigating to the Senate agenda for May 3.

This transmittal included courses and programs from the colleges listed below.

4-H International Exchange Program

The Kentucky 4-H Program is recruiting families or individuals interested in hosting a high school aged Japanese exchange student through the 2017-2018 academic year. Contact Rachel Noble, Extension Specialist for 4-H Youth Development for more information,