On Campus Interviews

We are excited that you are considering to visit the University of Kentucky to conduct campus interviews! Our employment focus is to serve employers who are seeking to fill full-time permanent salaried positions and/or experiential education opportunities, such as internships, cooperative education, practicum, or field experiences requiring a bachelor's degree or higher. We want to assist you in successfully maneuvering the campus to connect with the best and brightest students by conducting campus interviews. The following information is provided to start your process that will lead to hiring many of our talented students.Request an on-campus interview date through Wildcat CareerLink. It is preferable to request an on campus interview day four weeks in advance to allow for effective marketing of your employment opportunity.  You have the option to create your schedules through Wildcat CareerLink or your may request to reserve a “room only” in our facility and you can arrange your own interview schedule.

Once you login onto Wildcat CareerLink, select the “Create New Schedule Request” link on the homepage. Complete the required fields. Below are your schedule options.

  • Pre-select Interview Schedule- Post a job description. Interested applicants may apply online and once the deadline passes, you may select who you are interested in interviewing.
  • Pre-select to Alternate Interview Schedule- Interview Schedule- 48 hours after your pre-selected candidates sign up period begins, if there are any remaining time slots, alternate candidates may sign up for an interview.
  • Pre-select to Alternate to Open Interview Schedule- 48 hours after your alternate candidates sign up period starts, if there are any remaining time slots, any eligible applicant may sign up for an interview.
  • Open Schedule- AAll applicants who apply may sign up for an interview.
  • Room Only Reservation- If you plan to contact candidates directly to set up your own interview schedule, you are welcome to reserve interview space at the Stuckert Career Center. You are responsible for communicating times and the location to each candidate and we ask you provide us with a list of interview candidates prior to or the day of the interview. 

We do recommend that you determine the Screening Criteria (i.e. grade point average, majors/college, citizenship, etc.) prior to your submitting of the schedule to the Career Center. Call Employer Relations at (859) 257-0550 or email us at hireblue@uky.edu if you have any questions about recruiting at the University of Kentucky.