Student Fellows Program

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The Chellgren Student Fellows Program is designed to provide experiences for outstanding undergraduates that go beyond classroom instruction in order to help them cultivate extraordinary academic achievement.

The Program is explicitly intended to help high-achieving undergraduates attain levels of accomplishment that will enable them to compete successfully for prestigious awards - such as the Rhodes, Marshall, and Truman Scholarships - and gain admittance into the very best graduate and professional programs.

The goal is to provide a kind of intellectual/academic enrichment that supplements and extends the undergraduate experience at UK. Participants will learn about the many ways they can enrich their academic skills, broaden their minds, and embellish their credentials through undergraduate research, community engagement, education abroad, service learning, and many other special academic and extracurricular opportunities available at the University.


A primary goal of the Fellows Program is to create a learning community consisting of collaborative interactions among students, faculty, and staff affiliated with the Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Excellence. Within this context, the cornerstone of the program is a faculty mentoring component in which students pursue individual scholarly projects under the supervision of a UK faculty member. These projects typically consist of original research, generation of creative products, or engagement in community service. Extraordinary faculty from across campus serve as individual mentors for the Chellgren Fellows. In addition to the inherent value of the project itself, the mentorship process is intended to stimulate high intellectual aspirations, confidence, curiosity, and self initiative. It will also help Fellows develop strategies for engaging in the intellectual life of the University and foster a deeper and broader commitment to academic excellence. During the sophomore year, each Fellow completes a 1-credit hour course of academic enrichment and a 3-credit hour course linked to a faculty mentored project. Fellows also participate in a number of extracurricular events that provide academic, civic, and aesthetic enrichment.