Office of the President

Culture of Compliance

Hotlines and websites available for reporting.

Internal Audit

All University employees are responsible for reporting unusual, illegal or dishonest activity.
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UK HealthCare Corporate Compliance Program

Each of us at UK HealthCare is obligated to report any conduct that we in good faith believe is illegal, unethical or abusive.
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UK Police Department

The University of Kentucky Police Department's mission is to promote a safe and secure campus environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors at the University.
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Harassment and Discrimination

The Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity is always available to listen and advise. Any member of the UK community may report complaints of harassment or discrimination.
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Athletics Compliance

The mission of the Compliance Office is to insure that the University of Kentucky Athletics Department complies with the letter and intent of University, Southeastern Conference and NCAA rules and regulations
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Legal Counsel

The Office of Legal Counsel is committed to providing high quality legal services for the University of Kentucky. By advising the administration, faculty, employees, and student leaders on legal matters pertaining to the University, they strive to minimize the legal risk and liabilities facing the institution.
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The Ethics web site is intended to inform interested parties of ethics and compliance policies and procedures and to provide information for reporting potential violations of the University's "Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct." The University Ethics Committee receives reports and issues ethics opinions.
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Students of Concern

The University of Kentucky always works to support students in all aspects of their life on our campus. In an effort to enhance that and in response to concerns over tragic events in recent years at institutions of higher education across the country, the University of Kentucky created the Students of Concern Committee (SOC).
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Research Misconduct

The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) supports the institution in its efforts to promote ethical conduct of research.
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Tobacco-Free Take Action

The University of Kentucky campus became completely tobacco-free on all campus grounds and parking areas on November 19, 2009. The tobacco-free policy, which prohibits the use of all tobacco products on all grounds and parking areas (traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chew, pipes, cigars, hookah or waterpipe smoking, snus, snuff, etc.), applies to all areas of the contiguous UK campus in Lexington, indoors and out.
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Employees of Concern

An online resource for employees displaced as a result of recent budget cuts. The site provides an overview of resources and support available to displaced employees, details on benefits and more.
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A resource to learn more about University hazing policies and report hazing activities.
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Human Resources Issues

Issues that are Human Resources matters, involving such issues as conflicts with coworkers or managers should be reported to the Office of Employee Relations by calling (859) 257-9555, extension 128 or sending an email to

Environmental Health and Safety

Issues or matters that are considered unsafe, such as chemical leak, fire alarms or extinguishers non-functioning, should be reported to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.
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