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The University of Kentucky Counseling Center: Consultation and Psychological Services (UKCC), provides confidential psychological counseling to currently enrolled UK students and consultation services to currently enrolled UK students, UK faculty and staff, and caregivers.

We know that university life can be demanding, and that academics, work, athletics, finances, family, health, and social life can be stressors in students' lives. We also know that many of our students face racism, sexism, heterosexism and other forms of oppression and discrimination that impact their mental health, interpersonal relationships, and academic progress. Staff at the UKCC strive to create a welcoming, inclusive environment for all UK students to promote exploration of any personal problems or concerns they may not wish to share with family or friends. Learning to balance stressors often requires learning and applying new skills. We offer confidential, short-term therapy to support students' growth and to assist students with mental health, academic, or personal concerns that may interfere with academic performance or a sense of personal well-being while at UK.

Watch the brief video below to find out more about your first visit at the UKCC: