The UK Research Administration Training and Education (RATE) program is a series of classes designed to assist staff with administering research grants, contracts and other sponsored projects at the University.  RATE starts with a basic overview of the research infrastructure and then proceeds into very detailed instruction on many aspects of research administration.  The program will explain policies and procedures for the entire non-financial life cycle of a project from looking for funding, submitting a proposal, award management to the closeout of the project.  RATE presenters will come from the offices of OSPA, ORI and PDO on campus to provide an in-depth analysis of their specific roles in the research administrative process.

The main emphasis of this program is to take information that is currently held only in a few central offices and disseminate to the staff members who are managing research projects at the department and college level.  The program will provide not only information on the processes for administering research projects, but also the reasoning behind the process so that the department and college administrative staff can more efficiently manage their grants, better assist investigators in their area, and expedite the processing of requests and university forms through OSPA, PDO and ORI.

*PLEASE NOTE: RATE classes are through the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration. For additional information and questions, please contact Sean Scott by phone (859) 257-9420 or via email.


Class I Introduction to Research Infrastructure This class will provide an overview of support services for research administration at the University of Kentucky.
Class II Submitting a Proposal This class will describe the procedures for submitting a sponsored project proposal from the University of Kentucky.
Class III Preparing a Budget: Part 1 This class will begin to detail how to create a full and complete budget for a sponsored project proposal.
Class IV Preparing a Budget: Part 2 This class will continue the discussion on preparing full and complete budgets for sponsored projects.
Class IX Cost Transfers This class will provide an overview of processing a cost transfer (JV) on a sponsored project.
Class V Awards Receipt This class will provide detail on the processes that occur when an award is received.
Class VI Cost Share This class will provide a basic overview of cost sharing from the proposal stage through completion of the final financial report.
Class VII F&A Rate/Service Center Management Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost rates and Service Centers are two important components of the Research function at the University.
Class VIII Financial Management This class will provide an overview of grants financial management.
Class X Cost Accounting Standards This class will provide a thorough review of Cost Accounting Standards.
Class XI Awards Management This class will review processes and procedures that are applicable to sponsored projects after an award has been made.
Class XII Effort Reporting This class will provide an overview of the University's effort reporting policies and procedures.
Class XIII Proposal Development Office This class will provide an overview of the proposal development support available to faculty and staff through the UK Proposal Development Office (PDO).
Class XIV Intro to Subaward Process This class will review the lifecycle of a subaward from proposal to close-out.
Class XV Imprest Cash Accounts What are the University's imprest cash fund policies and procedures? Who is responsible for imprest cash fund operations at the University? During this workshop, we will undergo an examination of the University's Cash Operations - Imprest Cash Funds.
Class XVI Sponsored Project Audits This class will explain the importance of financial compliance and audit preparation related to sponsored projects at the University of Kentucky.
Class XVII Office of Research Integrity This class will provide insight into the activities of the Office of Research Integrity.