Dr. G.T. Lineberry, Associate Provost
Mia Alexander-Snow, Ph.D., Director

Through the accreditation and compliance activities, the University reaffirms its ongoing commitment to academic excellence and innovation.

SACSCOC Accreditation
Program and Specialized Accreditation

Tara Rose, Director

The mission of the Office of University Assessment is to provide university-wide support for assessment of student learning, planning, and continuous improvement activities at the course, program, and institutional levels, and to develop and sustain across the university community a culture of assessment.

Mia Alexander-Snow, Ph.D., Director

Planning and Institutional Effectiveness oversees and monitors the implementation, evaluation, and management of institutional effectiveness activities, institutional accreditation requirements, and state and federal initiatives.

Functional Activities
Annual Progress Reports
New Program Approval Process
Periodic Review
Review of Chief Administrative Officers
Compliance Reporting