The University of Kentucky regularly assesses achievement of core undergraduate general education skills primarily through the following ways:

The CLA is a nationally–normed, authentic assessment developed by the Council for Aid to Education to measure institutional achievements in student learning in four key general education core skills: critical thinking, analytic reasoning, problem solving, and written communication. CLA results are controlled for incoming academic ability. CLA FAQs

The UK Core Assessment Initiative encompasses all of the UK Core classes offered at UK. These classes are offered by numerous departments across campus. The assessment includes the following steps: 1) each course must be designed to include at least one assessable artifact (assignment); 2) the student must upload this artifact via Blackboard for assessment purposes; 3) once the artifact is loaded into Blackboard, the system will harvest that artifact, and file it according to its associated UK Core outcome(s); 4) when it is time to begin the evaluation process, the computer will collect a sample of the stored artifacts; and 5) those artifacts will then be stripped of all identifying information (course, instructor, student name, etc.) and evaluation will begin by using faculty developed rubrics. The results of this assessment are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the UK Core program.


UK Core Assessment Results

  • CLA
  • UK Core Artifact Collection

Description of Formerly used Assessment Instruments