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Asia Center Scholarships

The UK Asia Center is pleased to offer a limited number of scholarships to UK undergraduates for study in Asia.

Over the past several years, the Asia Center has offered financial assistants to UK undergraduates who wish to expand their knowledge of the region through education abroad. The competition is open to UK undergraduates from any college and major. The maximum scholarship will be $2,000.

All applications will be evaluated by the Asia Center Scholarship Committee, primarily on the basis of the applicant’s academic achievement, and the strength and merits of the program in Asia as they relate to the student’s overall academic goals.  Priority will be given to students who plan to study in Asia for a semester or more and in general longer programs will be favored over shorter programs, and additional consideration will be given to the financial demands of the program. 

The deadline for the Fall 2013 Asia Center Education Abroad Scholarship competition has passed. Please check back in October for more information on scholarships for Spring 2014. For more information, please contact Keiko Tanaka at

Asia Center Scholarship Recipients

 “I studied Integrated Agriculture in Southern Kyushu with an emphasis on Forested Pork Production. [My time in Japan] gave me a far richer context for the possibilities of sustainable agriculture in the Southern and Central Appalachian Mountains. It also gave me hope for a mutually beneficial relationship between the fragmented urban and rural interfaces in the U.S.  This experience has defined me as a perennial optimist.”
               Joshua Knight, Japan (Summer 2012)

“I am half-Asian (Filipino) and studying for a year at the University of International Business & Economics in Beijing was my first long-term stay in an Asian country. Going to a major Asian city and being immersed completely in another Asian culture helped me connect to my own heritage. It was [also] a huge step forward in familiarizing myself with my professional region of interest, and helped prepare me for my current job where I speak Chinese daily!”
Cassie Hardin, Beijing (2011-2012)

“My experience abroad was refreshing and deeply rewarding…It greatly influenced my ability to work in China and provide me with the opportunity to advance my career through exposure to a vital culture. Honestly, I would not be the same person without that time spent studying abroad. [I am now living in] Shenzhen, China and teaching with the hopes of later moving to Hong Kong to do work in human rights related issues.”

Shawn Sullivan, Beijing (2009-2010)