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Employee Documents

H-1B advisors will receive the department’s completed assessment packet which will include the following documents:

  • Current CV or resume.
  • Passport biographical page, showing picture and validity dates, as well as any renewal pages.
  • Copy of the approved waiver of Two-Year Home Country Residency Requirement (if currently in J-1 or J-2 status and subject; if not subject, include copy of visa page in passport), find the form below.
  • Copy of diploma (highest academic degree). If the degree was attained outside the U.S., a certified translation and evaluation must accompany the diploma.  Evaluations may be obtained from Foreign Credential Service of America at or other certified credential evaluators.
  • Copy of all I-20’s (if F-1 or F-2 status); DS-2019 (if J-1 or J-2 status); I-797 (if in H-1 status); or H-4 approvals (if in H-4 status).
  • Candidates currently in H-1B or TN status at another institution must demonstrate continuous employment for the entire time in H-1B or TN status. Submit copies of W-2 forms and/or 1099 forms and most recent pay-stubs.
  • Copy of most recent form I-94.
  • Copy of Employment Authorization .

A complete list of documents is available in the H-1B Assessment Request Packet.