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Health Insurance requirement for international students

Health Insurance is Required
At the University of Kentucky health insurance is mandatory. All international students are required by the University of Kentucky to have health insurance. If you are on an F-1, J-1 or J-2 visa, you will be automatically enrolled in and responsible for paying for the UK Student Health Insurance Plan when you register for classes. Information about the UK health insurance plan may be found at See the “Waiver” paragraph, below, if you have alternative insurance; otherwise you will be responsible for paying for UK insurance.

Insurance Enrollment Process
When you register for classes the cost of the UK Student Insurance Plan will be added to your student bill. You do not need to fill out any forms to enroll in the student insurance plan. 

You will receive your insurance ID card within 30 days of the first day of classes.   This card should be presented whenever you receive medical care.   If you need to see a doctor before you receive your insurance ID card, contact the insurance coordinator at 859.257.6608, or  

Dependent Enrollment Process
Dependents on J-2 status and not enrolled in classes will need to purchase their insurance directly from the provider by enrolling online with the provider at  Proof of coverage will be required to maintain immigration status.

For dependent overage periods and costs, please see

Out-of-Pocket Costs
Remember, purchasing a health insurance plan is never a guarantee that your medical costs will be 100% covered.  However, health insurance will reduce the costs for most of your medical needs. The best way to make this, or any, coverage work for you is to be informed and proactive. Always check the covered benefits at before you see a doctor or receive medical care whenever possible. It is your responsibility to know the specifics and communicate with your medical provider.  If you have questions, contact a UK insurance coordinator at or 859.257.6608.

Undergraduate and Graduate international students who already have their own health insurance plan and do not wish to participate in the UK Student Health Insurance Plan must complete the online waiver form by the deadline of September 22 for the fall semester and by the deadline of February 22 for the spring semester. 

Fall: I            September 22 - July 1-September 22
Fall II:           October 15–November 9
Spring I:      January 1, 2013–February 22
Spring II :     March 4-April 05

Window A/1:   May 06, 2013-June 19
Window B/2:   July 08, 2013-July 19

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not wish to purchase the student health insurance plan, the waiver must be completed each semester you are enrolled in a class.

To qualify for a waiver or cancel the UK school health insurance plan, your insurance policy must meet or exceed ALL of the UK's 2013-14 Minimum Health Insurance Requirements. Waivers are NOT guaranteed and most outside insurance plans will not meet the UK minimum requirements.  Students and dependents are expected to have sufficient coverage to meet the higher costs of U.S. healthcare. 

The online waiver form will not be available until you arrive at the University of Kentucky. Instructions may be found on the Office of International Student and Scholar Services website at Academic HealthPlans under Current Student Resources.

Short-term insurance plans do not comply with federal legislation requirements and will not be approved as sufficient coverage!documentDetail;D=CMS-2011-0016-0108 (AHP website, 08/09/12)

Waiver instructions for students with J-1, J-2 and F-1 visa types:

  1. Make sure your current health insurance policy meets UK’s minimum health insurance requirements.
  2. Gather the needed documentation.
    • Your UK Student ID Number (Your UK Student ID Number is available on your UK Student ID card or in myUK. Social Security Numbers and Temporary Social Security Numbers will not allow you access to the site.)
    • Your current health insurance plan ID card
    • Your current health insurance plan brochure or plan description
  3. Access the Academic HealthPlans site and apply for a waiver.
    • Under the “Enrollment” heading, click “Online Waiver for International."
    • Read all of the directions carefully and fill in the application.
    • Fax a copy of your ID card and policy benefits to Karri Brooks at (817) 479-2155.
  4. Keep a copy of the confirmation e-mail for your records.
  5. Allow 10-14 days for changes to be reflected in your myUK online statement. If the waiver is accepted, the fee will be removed.
  6. Keep proof of your insurance coverage for your records. Your waiver could be audited, and you may be asked to provide documentation of your health insurance coverage and benefits at anytime during the semester.

A waiver may be denied unless it meets ALL the minimum health insurance requirements listed below. Only the health insurance company can review insurance policies.

UK's 2013-14 Minimum Health Insurance
Requirements are subject to change beginning 08/26/2014

  • Deductible may not exceed $500.
  • At least $500,000 in coverage per Injury or Sickness.
  • At least $500,000 in coverage for essential benefits, including hospitalizations, doctor services, prescription drugs, rehabilitation and mental health services, pregnancy, and newborn care. A complete list of essential benefits can be found at:
  • Coverage for preventative care at 100% in network including immunizations, physicals exams/screenings, and birth control. A complete list of preventive services can be found at:
    • 80% of medical expenses must be paid by the insurance company.
    • Covered expenses related to pregnancy.
    • Pre-existing conditions cannot be excluded for any covered persons younger than the age of 19.
    • Insurance Company must have a phone contact within the United States.
    • Proof of coverage must be provided in English and U.S. currency only.
    • $10,000 coverage for medical evacuation (medical evacuation provides transportation to your home country in the event of a medical emergency).
    • $10,000 coverage for repatriation (repatriation provides transportation to your home country in the event of death).
    • Coverage must be in effect from the start to end date of each semester the student applies for a waiver: fall semester (August 26 – January 1); spring semester (January 1 - August 25).

(Any benefits with a waiting period in force will NOT meet the guidelines to waive coverage.)

PLEASE NOTE: Short-term insurance plans do not comply with federal legislation requirements and will not be approved as sufficient coverage!documentDetail;D=CMS-2011-0016-0108

If you have enrollment or waiver questions not addressed by the insurance company's website or customer service department, a UK insurance coordinator is available to assist you. For an appointment, contact them at or 859.257.6608.

UK Student Insurance Plan Costs
Below is a breakdown of costs per period which cannot be pro-rated.

Coverage Period

Effective Dates

Cost of Coverage




Spring – includes spring and summer coverage

01/01/14 – 08/25/14


Summer – for first time international students  summer 2014

05/06/14 – 08/25/14


Please note:  Rates are subject to change effective 8/26/2014. This chart does not apply to international students and dependents enrolled in the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL). Please contact the insurance coordinator at 859.257.6608, or for a breakdown of costs.