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Steering Committee

The Asia Center Steering Committee is comprised of UK faculty and staff who advise the Asia Center Director and establish policy based on recommendations from the Asia Center Advisory Board, and the Asia Center Affiliated Faculty.

Chike Anyaegbunam, Associate Professor of Communications

YT Cheng, Professor, Chemical and Materials, Engineering UK College of Engineering

Alan DeYoung, Professor, Educational Policy & Evaluation, College of Education

Gary Gaffield, Assistant Provost for International Partnerships

Beth Goldstein, Associate Professor, Educational Policy & Evaluation, College of Education

Kazuko Hioki, Librarian

Gordon Hogg, Director, Special Collections Library

Wuyang Hu, Associate Professor, Agricultural Economics, College of Agriculture

Ed Jennings, Professor, Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

Yang Jiang, Associate Professor, Behavioral Science, College of Medicine

Yoonbai Kim, Professor, Economics, College of Business and Economics

Andrew Kimbrough, Associate Professor, Theatre, College of Fine Arts

Huajing Maske, Director of the Confucius Institute,

Cindy Ruder, Associate Professor, Russian Studies, College of Arts & Sciences

Doug Slaymaker, Associate Professor, Japan Studies, College of Arts & Sciences

Keiko Tanaka, Director of the Asia Center; Associate Professor, Community and Leadership Development, College of Agriculture

Mark Whitaker, Professor, Anthropology, College of Arts & Sciences