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Airport pick-up form

If you would like someone to meet you at the airport once you arrive in Lexington, please complete the form below. If you have trouble filling out this form please download a pdf version.

Please note:

  • Requests MUST be received at least five days prior to your arrival date, otherwise you will need to use a taxi service.
  • Submit this form only once.  
  • If other individuals will be traveling with you, a separate request should be submitted for each person. 
  • Please only request pick up from one party (IHP, student organization, department, family or friend).

(surname, family name)
(first name, given name)
Where are your from?
At what time will you arrive in Lexington? Be sure to specify AM/PM or write in 24-hour format. (For example: 7:15 PM or 19:15)
What airline will you be arriving with?
Enter the flight number that will terminate at LEX -- Lexington Bluegrass Field (For example: "DL 2107" or "UA 1357")
From what city in the U.S. will you depart for Lexington? (For example: Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte)
Do you plan to live on or off campus?
This question is only for students who are planning to live on campus.
Once you are picked up from the airport, where do you need to be dropped off? Please provide street address, apartment complex name or residence hall name.