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Available Scholarships

UK Education Abroad is committed to helping UK students make their experiences abroad more affordable. Please check with the appropriate Financial Aid advisor and Education Abroad advisor to see what scholarships apply to each student. Below is a list of the most commonly received scholarships.

Browse Scholarships by Type

UK Education Abroad Scholarships
Scholarships available from the UK Education Abroad Office for all students earning academic credit abroad, including international rotation, internship and clerkship students.

UK College & Department Scholarships
Scholarships specifically for Education Abroad experiences available through UK Colleges and Departments. 

Program Specific Scholarships
Scholarships available for certain UK Exchanges and Sister Cities programs. 

UK Consortia & Partner Scholarships
Scholarships available through UK Consortias & UK Partners to be used for participation on one if their listed programs.

External Scholarships
Scholarships from other organizations that may be used on UK Education Abroad programs.  

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