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Welcome to UK Education Abroad!

Education Abroad is the University of Kentucky's comprehensive resource for study abroad, research abroad, intern abroad, and other educational experiences worldwide. Our goal is to partner with UK faculty and advisors to provide academically sound international experiences that promote inercultural competence, disciplinary scholarship, and foriegn language acquisition for all students.

International Engagement Opportunities

Each year, UK Education Abroad facilitates a number of international engagement opportunities for faculty and staff. Below are examples of recent opportunities arranged for faculty and staff to identify strategies for incorporating international education into their course content.

Confucius Institute China Education Abroad Seminar Grant
In collaboration with UK Education Abroad, the UK Confucius Institute provides annual funding to support the development and implementation of a summer, UK faculty-directed education abroad program in China. The proposed program should be at least four weeks in duration and prominently feature some form of high-impact educational programming, such as undergraduate research or service-learning. Program proposals should leverage UK’s existing strengths and partnerships in China (i.e., Fudan University, East China Normal University, etc). Faculty members must be serving in a representative capacity of their home academic unit.

Global Issues Faculty Seminar: Year of the Middle East
In support of the College of Arts & Sciences Passport to the World initiative and its 2014-2015 Year of the Middle East, UK Education Abroad partnered with the College of Arts & Sciences to offer a faculty development seminar in the Middle East that focused on contemporary issues pertinent to the region. The goal of the seminar was to offer UK faculty members the opportunity to learn first-hand about these issues and to thereby make them better prepared to disseminate knowledge and understanding about this region among UK students and faculty. The seminar was intended for faculty members who (1) are open to internationalizing their teaching by blending a global component into a course or refocusing a course by incorporating contemporary  Middle Eastern issues into it or (2) are interested in advancing the international education goals of the University (e.g., education abroad, institutional partnerships, etc.).

UK Confucius Institute & UK Education Abroad China Education Abroad Programming Site Visit
The UK Confucius Institute and UK Education Abroad collaborated to offer a summer 2015, programming site visit to China. The goal of site visit was to offer UK colleges the opportunity to learn first-hand about international higher education issues in China and to further enhance education abroad programming in China for UK students.  Each UK College dean was invited to nominate one faculty/staff representative to participate in the site visit. All in-country expenses were covered by the UK Confucius Institute and our in-country partners.  Representatives meet with local university faculty, education abroad professionals, and government officials to discuss some of the factors that shape the student experience in China, with particular attention given to understanding the many challenges and opportunities involved in sending U.S. students to study in China.

Education Abroad Committee

The International Advisory Council (IAC) has several standing advisory committees, one of which is the Education Abroad Committee (EAC). The EAC is comprised of members of the International Advisory Council along with other relevant University faculty and staff who serve with ad hoc or ex officio appointments. The EAC serves to provide on-going advice and guidance to UK Education Abroad (EA) on all aspects of program development and review, enrollment management, policy setting and adherence, curriculum integration, strategic and long-term planning, and continuing quality evaluation of EA programming. Learning more about the EAC here.

Scholarship Reviewer Opportunities

UK Education Abroad administers over $350,000 in education abroad scholarships for UK students. The administration of these scholarships is achievable only because of the faculty and staff who give their time to be scholarship reviewers. Please contact UK Education Abroad if you’d like to get more information on how to serve as scholarship reviewer.