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Review health related requirements and policies


Health Insurance Policies and Coverage

At the University of Kentucky health insurance is mandatory. All international students are required by the University of Kentucky to have health insurance. If you are on an F-1, J-1 or J-2 visa, you will be automatically enrolled in the UK Student Health Insurance Plan and charged a fee each semester.  Information about the policies and requirements may be found by clicking here

I have alternative insurance. How can I apply for a waiver from the university health insurance?
If you have alternative insurance it is required that you submit a Waiver; otherwise you will be responsible for paying for UK insurance. This must be completed each semester.

CESL Students NOTICE: UK ESL students have a new process to document outside health insurance coverage.  Do NOT use the online waiver system.  Contact for more information


All newly enrolled international students may need to update immunizations before coming to UK.  International students will complete a health information form and an immunization record after you arrive on campus. Click here for more information.

Required TB Screening

Students must consult the website for health-related policies specific to their status as international students.  The University of Kentucky has a Tuberculin (TB) screening requirement for all newly enrolled international students.  Some students may be required to complete particular immunizations and even x-rays which are not covered under many health insurance companies.