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World Refugee Day: Lexington's Bridge to the World

Lexington has an ever-growing population of refugees. Did you know we have the third largest population of resettled Congolese immigrants in the country (just behind Phoenix and Houston)? To learn more about the advantages and challenges that come with welcoming refugees into our community, join us on Friday, June 20th from 9:00am-2pm for the World Refugee Day Summit: Lexington’s Bridge to the World.

9am-12:30pm at Central Library (140 E. Main St, Lexington)
A conference focusing on challenges, creative solutions and best practices in: Adult Education, Employment and Workforce Development, Government and Community Services, Healthcare, Housing and K-12 Education

12:30-2pm at Fifth Third Pavilion (251 W. Main St, Lexington)
A cultural celebration that includes: Artwork and crafts made by local refugees,  Refugee Children’s Choir performances, informational tables about various refugee groups resettled in Lexington

Your $25 registration fee will cover parking for the day and lunch at the cultural celebration. Registration is open and spots are limited. For more information visit: