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UKIC supports cultural understanding at Julius Marks Elementary

Monday, February 4, 2013

Kay Roberts, community liaison for the UK International Center, was the subject of a Lexington Herald-Leader letter to the editor about her work promoting cultural understanding in K-12 education:

A big thank you to Kay Roberts and the International Center at the University of Kentucky for their support of Cultural Fair 2012 at Julius Marks Elementary in December. Twenty-seven classrooms became 27 countries and students in Early Start through fifth grade toured the world at their school as a result. Through UK, the school was able to borrow artifacts, books, clothing and standard-sized flags from numerous countries, as well as enjoy presentations by Roberts and many others in our community.

The conversion of our building to represent the countries we studied was extraordinary, and the parents, teachers and staff at Julius Marks are to be commended for the magnificent work they did. Networking with UK in this endeavor was nothing less than spectacular.

Judy Korthauer
ESL teacher and coordinator of Cultural Fair 2012, Julius Marks Elementary