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Post-Program Responsibilities

There are a few things program directors must take care of to officially close a UK Sponsored program once the group returns home safely and the jet lag wears off. Since not all programs are structured the same, the post-travel responsibly may vary from program to program. Directors facilitating programs customized by third party education abroad partners may not have the same obligations regarding finances as a director facilitating a self-planned program with lots of expenses incurred while traveling. It is important for program directors to work closely with UK Education Abroad staff to ensure that all post-travel obligations are met.  

One of the most important question to be addressed after a program returns is: “Are you going to run it again next year?” We certainly hope so!

Reconcile Program Budget

Program directors who took university funds abroad, either in the form of a cash advance or a pro-card, must contact the UK EA Financial Manager within one week of returning to Lexington. It is imperative that program directors submit all receipts for program purchases made abroad in a timely manner so that UK Education Abroad may stay in compliance with University financial regulations. 

All program directors receiving a stipend, meals per diem, or reimbursement for other personal funds spend on budgeted program expenses must also contact the UK EA Financial Manager within one week of returning to Lexington. There is a limited window of opportunity within which a travel voucher for reimbursement can be processed by the University. 

Submit Grades

Program directors must submit final grades for all discipline-based course taught via UK Sponsored programs in myUK in accordance to UK protocol. Directors should pay special attention to the dates established by the UK Registrar for the submission of grades. If the assignments for a particular course are not completed in time for final grades to be submitted during the Registrar’s established window, directors should give each student a temporary grade of “I”, or incomplete, until all assignments have been turned in. If a program director does not typically enter grades directly into myUK, assistance in entering grades can be provided by the faculty or staff member’s dean’s office. 

UK Education Abroad will submit a temporary grade of “I”, or incomplete, until each student has satisfied the necessary re-entry obligations for ISP 599: Study Abroad. If a student is graduating immediately after a program abroad or if they will not be attending UK for any reason the term immediately following a program abroad, the student should get in touch with their assigned UK EA Advisor as soon as possible. 

UK Education Abroad Post-program Evaluation

As with all worthy initiatives, it is imperative that each UK Sponsored program be properly evaluated by both students and program directors. Program directors will be sent a link to the UK Sponsored Program Evaluation at the end of the month in which their program returns. The information collected through this evaluation will be used to enhance future UK Sponsored programs and will not be shared publicaly with identifying characteristics.

UK Education Abroad solicits student feedback as part of ISP 599: Study Abroad course requirements.

Prepare for Future Programs

It may seem premature to begin thinking about the future so closely after having just returned, but the best time to look forward is when things are fresh in your memory. What worked well? What didn’t go over as well as you’d hoped? How well did the course content work in the international environment? In what ways could you have enhanced the experience for both you and the student participants?  What additional support would you like to have if the program ran again? Is there a plan for others in your department to be engaged in the experience next year? 

Colleges, departments and directors wishing to coordinate a UK Sponsored program for an additional time will submit a Recurring EA UK Sponsored Program Proposal each term the UK Sponsored program is to be offered. The Recurring UK Sponsored Program Proposal will assist UK Education Abroad staff in making the necessary adjustments to the program website and application and will satisfy the academic and risk management oversight necessary for compliance with Administrative Regulation 4:9