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Non-Credit Travel

Develop a Non-Credit Program         

In order to ensure compliance with Administrative Regulation 4:9, UK Risk Management asks faculty and staff members organizing and/or sponsoring non-credit international group travel experiences to submit the International Group Travel Risk Management Programs Checklist, along with three required attachments. In addition to completing the required forms, the Program Director must complete the online Short-Term International Programs Training program. All international group travel experiences must be reviewed and approved by UK Risk Management in association with the International Center (including recurring programs).

All  international group travel participants will automatically be billed a non-refundable Risk Management Fee ($50) and for Travel Medical Insurance and Evacuation Coverage ($10.50/week). These costs should be included in any budgetary information distributed to participants. These fees may be billed directly to a student's account, sent as an invoice or covered by the department depending on the program and the individual's status at UK (student, faculty, staff, or community member).

To begin the non-credit international group travel approval process, please visit the Office of the Treasurer Risk Management website then scroll down to the section entitled "Non-Academic Groups Traveling with Students to Foreign Countries" to access the International Group Travel Risk Management Programs Checklist and required attachments.. The approval process for these programs is as follows:

  1. Faculty members submit Section A of the checklist to UK Risk Management 4-6 months prior to program departure, but not before securing approval from the sponsoring unit's dean or division head.
  2. The Program Director(s) complete the Short-Term International Program Training, available online through UK's excess liability carrier, United Educators. When registering for the training, you will need to enter a user name and password along with UK's institution code before proceeding. The institution code is 0473-UN37-XY12. Once the training is complete, please notify UK Risk Management.
  3. UK Risk Management will review the section A of the International Group Travel Risk Management Programs Checklist and request Section B of the checklist, along with the required attachments, no later than 2-3 weeks prior to departure.
  4. UK Risk Management will provide the submitted forms to Education Abroad to begin the process of procuring Travel Medical Insurance and Evacuation Coverage.
  5. After registration with Education Abroad, the Program Director(s) complete the Campus Security Authority training required by the Clery Act and administered through myUK by the UK Crisis Management and Preparedness Office. Please note that additional reporting requirements may apply.

Please direct questions regarding program approval to Mr. Louis Drapeau, Director, UK Risk Management, 306 Peterson Service Building,, or Mr. Todd Adkins, Risk Management Analyst, 306 Peterson Service Building,

Please direct questions regarding Campus Security Authority Training to Ms. Casey Henson, Records and Compliance Coordinator,

After programs have received approval, please direct questions regarding the participant registration process to Mr. Jason Hope, Manager of International Health, Safety and Security, 10B Gillis Building,

Non-Credit Group International Travel

Apply here is you are participating on international group travel programs sponsored by a University college or unit, irrespective of enrollment status at UK, and for which you will not earn academic credit. 

Group International Travel (Non-Credit)
Group International Travel: Program Leader