Bubble Sheets Designed

Although there are several general purpose forms available for data entry use, the most used is the Scantron General Purpose Answer Sheet (306726) that was designed at the University of Kentucky, which allows 240 variables with five responses each.

But, occasionally a User may have data to be processsed, and the Bubble sheets that the University Supply Center provides are inappropriate. Therefore, a new bubble sheet can be designed for your special application; but, unless the project is a long-term one, the cost is usually not justifiable.

The User must contact Scantron for this Service, for which there will probably be a cost.


  • For information about this service, please contact:

    Frank McCormick (Assistant Manager Operations)
    Send E-mail To: Frank McCormick
    Room 59, McVey Hall
    University of Kentucky Data Center
    Telephone: 859-218-1717


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