Academic & Research

UKIT supports a number of academic and research endeavors directly, as well as providing the infrastructure and 'server side' support for many others.

Academic Technology Group
The Academic Technology Group (ATG) represents UKIT's commitment to support academic and research technology requirements and growth. We focus on the support of instruction and research services, including learning management systems, graphics and illustrations, and statistical software.

Institutional Research and Advanced Analytics
Institutional Research and Advanced Analytics are services provided by University of Kentucky's Analytics and Techologies (UKAT) which utilize emerging technologies to provide real time information and alerts to support strategic University decisions. To assist the university in achieving its goals, teams study past trends, complete predictive analysis and deliver data visualization and dashboards. Research is also conducted to identify campus needs and to clarify institutional priorities.

AV Services
Audio Visual Services provides support for the use of multimedia technology in the education, research and service missions. Traditional classroom equipment and support is provided for the entire campus. AV Services provides audio visual equipment and support for special events, such as continuing education programs, professional association meetings, and other University related functions, which are held on campus.

Computer Labs
Various computer labs on campus provide general computing as well as access to specialized software and peripherals on the Apple Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows, and Sun Solaris platforms.

Gartner Research
Gartner is an industry-leading consulting firm which UK has contracted with to provide independent research and analysis for making information technology decisions.

UKIT supports various High Performance Computing systems, including a large cluster of commodity servers and a group of large Shared Memory Processor (SMP) systems. These systems are used for research in various disciplines across campus.

Research Statistics
Statistical Computing Support using many current technologies (SAS, SPSS, etc.) is provided through SSTARS, the Social Sciences Teaching and Research Statistics group. SSTARS also co-ordinates site licensing and distribution of various related software packages, and provides large-format printing of research materials.

Web Content Management - Drupal
UK offers web content management powered by Drupal. Drupal is an open source CMS developed by a diverse international community. There is a growing community of Drupal users on UK’s campus.

UK Students can access to general student lab software on any personal device (desktop, laptop, tablet).

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