Judith Daniels PhD, APRN, FNP, PNP
Assistant Professor

Dr. Judith Daniels finished her MSN/FNP at Michigan State University in 1987 and her PhD in nursing at the University of Kentucky in 2004. Throughout her nursing career Dr. Daniels gained a wide array of clinical experiences. She is dual board certified in Family and Pediatrics and maintains an active practice at the Polk Dalton: Internal Medicine /Pediatrics Clinic in Lexington, Kentucky. Her background in graduate education began in 1993 at the University of Kentucky. She then joined Frontier Nursing University from 2007 until 2015 where she learned a great deal about web-based graduate education. Her research interests center on weight management, motivational interventions, and teaching-learning issues.

Contact Information

Phone: 859-257-8801

Email: jadani0@email.uky.edu

Office: 315 CON BUILDING


PhD, Univ Of Kentucky, 2004
MSN, Michigan State University, 1987
BSN, Nazareth College At Kalamazoo, 1976


Dr. Judith Daniels' CV


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