Stephanie Kehler

Stephanie Kehler PhD, RN

Stephanie Kehler received her BSN from the University of Kentucky as a second degree student. Her first degree was from Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, in mechanical engineering. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Kentucky and has an expected graduation date of May 2017.  Stephanie began her research career as an undergraduate research intern where she studied anxiety and stress during pregnancy. She continues her research in the study of women’s health during pregnancy focusing on high-risk pregnancies, mental health wellness, and inflammatory response.  Stephanie worked as a RN in the ICU at Good Samaritan Hospital, Lexington, KY where she provided care to critically ill adult patients. While an ICU nurse, she was the co-chair of the Critical Care Council from 2014 – 2015.   Stephanie has presented her results at conferences, both locally and nationally. She has published in two journals to date. Professor Kehler has received several awards and honors including becoming a Jonas Scholar in 2016 and receiving the Karen Hall Sexton Scholarship Award in 2015.