Amanda Wiggins PhD

Dr. Amanda Wiggins is a Lecturer and Statistician in the University of Kentucky College of Nursing. Dr. Wiggins provides biostatistical support to faculty and students ranging from data collection and management, analysis, presentation and dissemination and teaches in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program. Dr. Wiggins is also a Faculty Associate in the BREATHE (Bridging Research Efforts and Advocacy Toward Healthy Environments) research team, where she serves as Director of the Data Management and Outcomes. The scholarly work of Dr. Wiggins primarily focusses on tobacco, adolescent health and perinatal research. 

Contact Information

Phone: (859) 323-6621

Fax: (859) 323-1057


Office: 751 ROSE STREET


PhD, Univ Of Kentucky, 2013
MS, Univ Of Kentucky, 2010


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