DNP Projects

DNP-prepared nurses are expert clinicians and clinical leaders who are trained to apply the new knowledge developed by nurse scientists; they translate this knowledge into practice and may evaluate its efficacy with the population of interest. Our graduates will be experts in designing, implementing, managing and evaluating health care delivery systems and will be prepared to lead at the highest clinical and executive ranks. 

Upcoming DNP Project Defenses

  • Patrick Nolan – 4/28/17 – 3:15 PM – NURS 315T – The Association Between High Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy and Intubation in Acute Respiratory Failure Patients, A single Center Retrospective Analysis

Completed 2017 DNP Project Defenses

  • Paula Halcomb - Post Evaluation of a Nurse Driven Early Mobility Program
  • Erin Chiswell - The Effect of a Patient and Provider Education Program on Antibiotic Overuse in Respiratory Tract Infections in a Rural Primary Care Population
  • Anna Parke  - Reducing Anxiety in Adolescents Facing Spinal Fusion Surgery
  • Julie Duffy - Evaluating Utilization of an Early Mobility Protocol in an Adult ICU in the Veterans Administration System
  • Amanda Carney - Comparison of Pain Management Modalities in the Development of Postoperative Respiratory Failure
  • Morgan Thomas - Safe Prescribing of Combined Hormonal Contraceptives Using the U.S. Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use Guideline
  • Hayden Kelley - The Use of Magnets as Patient Appointment Reminders and HPV Vaccine Rates
  • Caitlin Davidson - An Evaluation of Provider Adherence to Adult Sinusitis Quality Measures and Guideline
  • Adrienne Johnston - Assessing Provider Adherence to the 2013 ACC/AHA Hyperlipidemia Guideline
  • Emily Messerli - Use of the AFIX model to improve HPV vaccination in adolescents
  • Tia Wheatley - Implementing & Evaluating a Nurse-Led Educational Intervention for Bone Marrow Transplant Patients in the Acute Care Setting
  • Kristina Knoll - Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening within a Rural Community in Ohio
  • Whitney Metcalfe - A Gap Analysis on Vaccine Administration for Average and High Risk Adults
  • Sooksai Kaewbua - Evaluation of the Healthy-Heart, Healthy-Brain (H3B) Program
  • Jennifer Tilley - Assessing Diabetic Patients' Perception of Diabetic Education Methods in an Urban Primary Care Clinic
  • Sarah Bell - Improving Screening For Alcohol Use Amongst Women in Primary Care
  • Whitney Lynn - Assessing Provider and Staff Knowledge of Health Literacy and Satisfaction with a Health Literacy Assessment Tool for Patients in a Primary Care Practice
  • Blair Eberhardt - Efficacy of the Adherence to an Evidence-Based Protocol on Patient Outcomes Post Thoracic Surgery
  • Leslie Sullivan - A Secondary Analysis of Survey Data Evaluating the Lifelines Suicide Prevention Program
  • Alyssa Sutton - Assessment of an Intervention to Improve Clinical Inertia in Patients with Uncontrolled Hypertension in a Primary Care Setting
  • Kelly Bohl - Incidence Rate of Delirium after Cardiac Surgery and Feasibility of a Delirium Prediction Rule
  • Latoya Lee - Evaluation of Outcomes of Delirium and Abrupt Discontinuation of Psychiatric Medications of the Adult Acute Care Patient
  • Geri Sipe - Evaluation of Oral Supplement Use in Elderly Patients Admitted with Heart Failure

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