Enrollment & Non-attendance

Class Enrollment

Students who are attending class, but are not on the class roll (i.e., not enrolled) should be directed to the Registrar.  The University has no obligation to instruct students who participate in class without enrolling or whose enrollment becomes nullified during the semester.  It is the responsibility of the instructor in each class to certify that the final roll is correct.  When a student is taking a course as a visiting student or auditing the class, that student's status and the instructor's expectations of the student should be clearly agreed upon at the start of the course.


Non-attendance (USR

Students who miss the first two class periods of a course without notifying the department of their intention to attend may be reported by the department to the dean who shall remove the students from the class roll and notify the Registrar that the student has been removed from the class roll.  The Registrar will inform such students that they have been removed.  The students will have no record of the class appear on their transcripts.