About Faculty Fellows

The Faculty Fellows program is a component of Presentation U (the QEP endorsed by SACS in April 2013). Faculty members, staff members, and graduate students teaching undergraduate courses serving first- and second-year students are encouraged to apply to be a Faculty Fellow.  Faculty Fellows is a two-semester curricular support program designed to assist faculty's efforts in designing/redesigning multimodal communication assignments, instructional lesson plans, as well as preparing and using rubrics to evaluate and assess student work. Participants will receive a $1000 honorarium each semester.

Please review our SELECTION RUBRIC HERE.

For questions, please contact Rachael Deel at rachael.deel@uky.edu.


Faculty Fellows Cohort 9

SPRING 2019 workshops will be held January 17 - January 31  (Tuesday & Thursday 2:00 - 3:15 p.m.) 


Semester 2 Deliverables: 

  1. Finalized Rubric
  2. Lesson Plan
  3. Classroom Observation
  4. Student Products
  5. Reflective statement