We provide a number of 50 minute workshops to staff and faculty upon request. See below for a complete list of topics and link to the request form. For questions about requesting a workshop, please contact

Below are descriptions for the currently available workshops we offer. To request a workshop, please CLICK HERE. You may click the title of each workshop to view the available lesson plan. 

Public Speaking

  • Introduction to Public SpeakingThis workshop will provide introductory level content focused on reducing anxiety, audience analysis, content development, outlining, and verbal and nonverbal delivery.

  • Introduction to Persuasion: Using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (Lesson plan coming soon)

Group Communication

  • Introduction to Group Communication: This workshop will provide introductory content regarding the process of group formation, group roles, and what makes a successful group.

  • Group Contracts: This workshop is specifically designed for students who are just beginning a long-term group project. The presenter will facilitate our Group Contract activity in order to increase commitment, accountability, and effective communication throughout the group project.

  • Group Presentations: This workshop is designed for assignments that require a group presentation. Content will focus on the best practices and various models of delivery a cohesive, successful group presentation.

Written Communication

  • Grammar Time: Tired of getting points taken off your papers for grammatical errors? Come to this Power Hour and become the grammar expert your mom (and professor) always wanted you to be!

  • The Writing Process: Avoid desperately starring at a blank screen the night before a paper is due! This workshop will teach a process for managing the paper writing process, including brainstorming and outlining.

  • APA (or MLA) Style: This workshop will instruct students on best practices using APA to incorporate outside research effectively.

  • Library Research SkillsA workshop tailored to the context of your course research assignment that encourages students to simultaneously engage with the subject while using research strategies to learn (presented by UK Libraries). 

Visual Communication

  • Best Practices in Powerpoint:  Make your power point be the envy of your classmates and professor! This workshop will cover best practices in design, content, and integrating your presentation aid effectively within your presentation. (Lesson plan available soon.)

  • Best Pratices in Poster Design: Learn how to use best practices of Universal Design and how to successfully incorporate posters into an oral presentation. (Lesson Plan available soon.)

  • Introduction to Infographics: This workshop will provide information on best practices in audience adaption, message formation, and universal design basics when creating an infographic. A brief tutorial on multiple platforms used for creating infographics will be provided.

Digital Communication

  • Creating ePortfoliosThis workshop will provide best practices in ePortfolio visual and content creation, as well as an introductory tutorial to multiple platforms available for creating ePortfolios.

  • Creating websites: This workshop will provide best practices in website visual and content creation, as well as an introductory tutorial to multiple platforms available for creating websites.

Multimedia Workshops by Media Depot - Click HERE to request

  • Digital Video 101 presented by the Media Depot: The workshop will include basic camera, lighting and audio recording techniques. It will touch on basic editing tools and workflows for properly building a multimedia project working towards a final video that can be shared with an instructor. The workshop will also include information about story boarding, script writing, and tips for actors. There will be demonstrations of the equipment and proper techniques.

  • Editing in Premiere presented by the Media Depot. (Note: When requesting the Editing in Premiere Workshop, this session will take place in a Media Depot classroom in the William T. Library. This workshop can accommodate up to 16 students per session.)

  • Introduction to Producing Podcasts Using Garage Band: This workshop will provide helpful instruction on how to produce your own podcasts using Garage Band software. (Note: This workshop will take place in the Media Depot classroom in WTY Library, and lasts for 30 minutes.)


Public Speaking for Professionals

  • Public Speaking for Professionals (available for Faculty & Staff): This professional development workshop will cover best practices in speech development, oral delivery, and presentational aid design in order to increase one’s public speaking effectiveness. 
     *Please contact Rachael Deel to discuss details of this workshop if needed.