University’s Impact on State

The University of Kentucky is in and of our host city of Lexington; but, through our multi-faceted mission of teaching, research, service and care, we are Kentucky. In both a physical presence at all of our extension centers and through the soulful work of our students, faculty and staff, we touch every corner of our state.

As the Commonwealth’s flagship and land-grant research university, we have a bold mission to lead Kentucky and the region into the next century. We are among eight universities with well-established academic programs in agriculture, engineering, pharmacy and medicine on a contiguous campus, providing a rich opportunity to present multidisciplinary solutions to the challenges that confront us at home and abroad.

Through our work, we have a direct impact on Kentucky’s economy. We create new knowledge, fuel economic development, support business and industry, serve communities, heal the sick and improve the quality of life. 

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