Master Plan

Photo of UK's Memorial Hall Columns

The campus Master Plan is a Community Concept for the UK Campus and was developed with the recognition that the campus, in its entirety, is more than the mere functional arrangement of buildings, roads, walkways, parking lots and landscapes. It defines a collective experience of place and community, which is an essential part of the teaching, research and learning experience for students, faculty, and staff. At its best, the campus can be a rich expression of tradition and history, a fundamental resource to the current educational experience, and an invaluable reference point in helping to define the future. Perhaps more than any other single aspect of the University, the physical environment has the power to embody and express the purpose and mission of the University of Kentucky.

On October 26, 2013 the University of Kentucky adopted the following guiding principles to direct the institution’s growth:

  • Academic Environment – Create a 21st century learning environment that supports the technological, social, economic and creative needs of today’s students.
  • Campus Life – Enhance the student life experience and reinforce campus community in strong residential districts, both on and off campus
  • Community – Forge partnerships to strengthen the neighborhoods surrounding the campus and downtown.
  • Growth – Establish a long-term plan for growth management consistent with the University’s mission, and that efficiently utilizes land resources.
  • Mobility – Facilitate safer and more efficient mobility in support of the master plan land use and landscape concepts.
  • Landscape Structure – Established a legible open space and landscape structure that improves the campus environment and reinforces campus identity.
  • Sustainability – Integrate sustainability in every aspect of planning.