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University of Kentucky Parking and Transportation Services: Bike E-newsletter
February 12, 2013

Cold Weather Cycling Tips

Commuting by bike can be an easy, efficient way to get around – and cold weather doesn’t have to mean an end to getting around on two wheels! In fact, cycling can boost your mood on those dreary winter days. Parking and Transportation Services has some useful tips for navigating the colder months on your bike. Even though Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring, we still have some chilly days ahead!

Parking and Transportation Services offers these cycling tips when riding in cold weather:

  • Pay special attention to cleaning and maintaining your bike during the winter months, as dirt and road salt can cause damage. Keep a towel or brush handy to wipe or brush off snow and slush from the frame and chain.
  • Sign up for UK Alert for information about closures and delays, and allow extra time for your commute on snowy and icy days.
  • Visibility is more important than usual on inclement weather days, as drivers typically do not expect to encounter cyclists when road conditions are poor. Be aware of your surroundings, and wear bright, reflective outer layers in addition to using front and rear lights. Even if you don’t think your commute will occur during dusk or dark hours, plan for those conditions just in case.
  • Bundle up! Your extremities are the most susceptible to cold. However, overdressing can be as much a problem as under dressing, so choose your layers wisely.
  • Not every day will be a cycling day for everyone. Any trip made by bike instead of in an automobile has benefits for all of us, so even one day a week helps. Be sure to research transportation alternatives for days when biking isn’t best for you.

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