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Citation and Enforcement Questions

I received a citation for not having a permit because my permit fell off the mirror, or I forgot to put my permit up, but I was legally parked otherwise. I didn't deserve this ticket. I'm going to throw the ticket away since it shouldn't have been written. Is my record clear?

No, your record will not be automatically cleared. If you receive a parking ticket because your permit fell down, contact Parking & Transportation Services within 10 days. The ticket may be voided under certain circumstances.

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The lot where I park was full because of people parking illegally. I was forced to park in another nearby parking lot. I know that I didn't have the correct permit for the lot I parked in, but I still don't understand why I got a ticket. Where was I supposed to park?

If you have a C or an R permit and can't find a space in your lot, you will need to park in the K area at the Stadium. If you have an E permit, you will need to try another E parking lot. If you park in an area for which you do not have a permit, you risk getting a ticket and make it harder on everyone else to park legally.

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I got a ticket for [service area, loading zone] but there wasn't a sign designating this space. Nobody told me what that space was. How was I supposed to know?

Different types of spaces, and how they are identified, are defined in the UK Vehicle, Parking & Permit Regulations. While some spaces are marked with a sign and paint along the curb, some spaces are only marked with paint. In short, a space with colored lines or curbs will be reserved for specially designated permits.

This information is contained in the brochure included with your permit. You may also review the UK Vehicle, Parking & Permit Regulations online.

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Why do your field operations staff write tickets?

Parking Services uses enforcement to promote compliance with the UK Parking Regulations. Parking Services does not target a specific user group. Everyone is treated equally when a vehicle is parked illegally. And contrary to popular belief, the generation of fine revenue is not the motivating factor in writing parking citations.

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Okay. You don't write tickets to make money. But what happens to all the money that is generated from the tickets?

It is our belief that violators, not permit holders, should pay to enforce the parking regulations. Parking Services uses the revenue generated from citations and impoundments to fund the parking enforcement program.

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How can I pay for my citations or impoundments?

If paying online, you must use a credit card. We accept American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard or Visa. If paying in the office, cash or check may be used in addition to the credit card options. We cannot accept payment in the form of financial aid or Plus Accounts.

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