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Vehicle Relocation Required on Home Football Game Days at UK

With the kickoff of the home football season slated for Saturday, August 30, University of Kentucky Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) is reminding the UK community about parking policies on game days.

All students and employees who park at Commonwealth Stadium and in the Sports Center Drive Lots, including the R3 and R7 areas, must move their vehicles before 7 a.m. on the days of home football games. Please note, this time is earlier than in past years. R3 permit holders parked on Complex Drive do not need to move their vehicles.

Parking is prohibited on University Drive at any time on game days. Failure to move any vehicle from the stadium parking lots, the Sports Center Garage, the Sports Center Lots or University Drive may result in a citation or impoundment at the owner’s expense. This includes all of the stadium lots (Red, Blue, Green, Black and Orange) as well as the Greg Page Overflow Lot and the Soccer/Softball Complex Lots. In addition to the E spaces on University Drive, anyone in motorcycle spaces or parked at meters must be moved.

Vehicles may be moved any time after 3:30 p.m. on Friday, and must be moved back by 5:00 a.m. Monday.

For a map illustrating where to move your vehicle for the April 26 Spring Football Game, visit

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PTS Ride Home Express Ticket Sales Now Underway

Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) is now selling tickets for the Thanksgiving and Winter Break edition of its Ride Home Express bus service. The PTS Ride Home Express is a bus service traveling to hometowns and other destinations during the major academic breaks; destinations include Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; and Cleveland, OH. The service provides an economical and efficient alternative as compared to other means of travel.

Round-trip fares for the PTS Ride Home Express range from $55-$155 for round-trip rates; one-way fares begin at $30. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

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South Campus Parking Changes Set for August 15

Commonwealth Stadium Parking and Shuttle Changes

On Friday, August 15, the following changes will occur:

  • The Sport Center Garage (PS #7) will change to residential student (R7) parking. The visitor hourly pay parking will remain available.
  • The Sport Center North Lot, immediately adjacent to the baseball stadium, will change to an employee (E) lot.
  • The Green Lot - which is located next to BCTC's Oswald Building - will change to a mixed-use employee (E) and commuter student (C6) lot.
  • The Orange Lot, which is the new lot being constructed on the corner of Alumni and University Drives, will open and be designed as employee (E) and commuter student (C2). Date subject to change.

Click map at right to expand.

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2014-2015 Parking and Transportation Changes

Beginning on July 1, 2014, Parking and Transportation Services will enact the following changes:

  • Starting in fall 2014, the Sports Center Garage (PS #7) and the Sports Center Drive Lots will change permit designations. The Sports Center Garage will become residential (R7) parking, while maintaining some visitor parking areas. The Sports Center Drive lot adjacent to Cliff Hagan Stadium will change from residential (R3) parking to employee parking.
  • The Prall Street Lot, located at the corner of Prall Street and South Limestone, will no longer be managed by Central Parking as a visitor pay lot. Beginning later this summer, this lot will transition to a University of Kentucky Employee parking lot and will also have approximately 10-12 parking meters to accommodate short-term visitor parking needs.
  • Seminary Drive has transitioned to a reserved parking zone through a PTS pilot program with the College of B&E, College of Law and Public Relations.
  • Citations for parking at expired parking meters will increase to $25.
  • Impoundment fees will increase to $100.

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UK Named a Bicycle Friendly University

The University of Kentucky has been recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a Bicycle Friendly University. UK achieved a Bronze level designation and was one of only nine new universities to be named in the fall 2012 award class. The award gives UK the distinction of being the only Bicycle Friendly University in Kentucky. The UK Bicycle Advisory Committee, Parking and Transportation Services and the Office of Sustainability led the efforts which resulted in this honor.

The Bicycle Friendly University program recognizes institutions of higher education for promoting and providing a more bicycle-friendly campus for students, employees and visitors. Applicants are judged on their initiatives in five categories: engineering, education, encouragement, enforcement and evaluation and planning.

To learn more about the Bicycle Friendly University program, visit A full list of Bicycle Friendly Universities can be found here.

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Campus Bus Routes Begin Fall Semester Service

CATS On-Demand bus service will begin Sunday, August 24. Call (859) 221-RIDE to make a pick-up request. The Red, Blue and Yellow Nighttime CATS bus routes will resume on Wednesday, August 27, as will campus Lextran service. All CATS buses and campus Lextran buses are free to ride.

Riders can view the actual location of all CATS buses on all routes by using Cat Tracker, a real-time GPS-based bus locating system. Visit You can also track the buses via the free Transloc iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps, by using your smart phone to scan the QR codes found on each bus stop sign or by using the SMS codes found at each bus stop.

More information about all the bus routes, including maps and schedule, can be found at

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Share the Road

With the start of the fall semester at the University of Kentucky, PTS is urging cyclists, pedestrians and motorists to use caution when interacting with each other. As part of the Share the Road program, PTS is sending safety tips to both cyclists and drivers. PTS, in conjunction with the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, Fayette County Public Schools, Lexington Police and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, wants to promote safety on our roads.

Cyclists must be aware of motorists and pedestrians. Below is a list of cycling tips that will help keep the road a safe way to travel:

  • Cyclists and motorists have the same rights, rules and responsibilities on Kentucky roads.
  • Ride a bicycle in the same direction as vehicle traffic.
  • Make eye contact with motorists – be sure you are seen.
  • Use extra caution when changing lanes, and use appropriate lanes when turning.
  • Use hand signals to alert motorists of your intentions when changing lanes and turning.
  • Ride in a straight path. Do not weave in and out of parked or stopped vehicles.
  • Ride a well-equipped bike with a headlight, taillight, bell, and rearview mirror.
  • Use the travel lane farthest to the right unless you are turning left or passing another vehicle.
  • Proceed with care through intersections and yield to pedestrians.

Motorists must respect the rights of other road users. Below is a list of driving tips:

  • Cyclists have a right to the road. Be alert and patient.
  • Cyclists are considered vehicles and should be given the appropriate right of way.
  • Expect cyclists on the road at any time, especially on signed bike routes.
  • Check your mirrors. Watch for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Don’t honk your horn when approaching cyclists. You can startle the cyclist and cause a crash.
  • Leave at least three feet of space between your car and a cyclist when passing.
  • Stay behind a cyclist when you are turning right.
  • Follow distracted driving laws; don’t text message while your vehicle is in motion.
  • Yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections, paying special attention while driving on or around campus.
  • Obey posted speed limits.

For more information about sharing the road, visit

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Enter the Student Permit Lottery for a Chance at Closer Parking

Students, was your first choice of parking permit sold out? The Student Permit Lottery offers you a chance at upgrading to closer parking.

Random drawings for available C or R permits are typically held two to three weeks after the beginning of the semester as spaces become available and notification is sent via email. You must accept the permit change within ten days of receiving your notification.

For additional information about the Student Permit Lottery and to submit your lottery request, visit

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Cat Tracker Makes Finding Buses Easy On the Go

The CATS buses are now easier than ever to find with Cat Tracker, a real-time GPS-based bus locating system!

Four Easy Ways to Find a Bus Using Cat Tracker

1. Visit to see when the next bus is coming to your stop.
2. Download the free Transloc app for your Android, BlackBerry or iPhone.
3. Use a QR code reader on your smart phone to scan the QR codes found on pocket bus schedules or on bus stop signs.
4. Send a text message to 41411 with “UKY” and the appropriate stop number. You’ll get a message back listing the next three arrival times for that stop. Find the stop numbers on the map at, by clicking on the individual stops, or on the bus stop signs.

All CATS buses and campus Lextran buses are free to ride.

More information about the bus routes, including maps and schedule, can be found at

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Try PTS Car Sharing Today

If you’re on campus without a car (or just want to try out a different set of wheels), take PTS Car Sharing for a spin.

Unlike traditional car rental services, the minimum age allowed to use the car sharing program is 18 with a valid driver's license and a good driving record.  Rates start at $8 an hour and include 180 miles per day. Gas, maintenance and insurance are included in the cost.

Car sharing is a great option for those who don't have cars on campus, those who regularly use alternative transportation, and those who want to avoid wear and tear on their vehicle. Sign up today!

Join now for free! To sign up or to read more information on the program, visit

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UK Offers Parking Information via Radio Station

A low-power radio station provides parking and transportation information to University of Kentucky students, employees and visitors on or near campus. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted a radio station broadcast license to UK for use by Parking and Transportation Services.

The station is now on the air. The station’s call sign is WQKH 253; it will broadcast 24 hours a day on the AM radio band at 1700 KHz (1700 AM), with primarily pre-recorded messages.

The radio station broadcasts general and other notable parking and transportation information as available, targeting the UK community, including students, employees and visitors. The station reaches a 3-mile radius; communication focuses on those already on campus and those approaching campus.

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Follow Parking & Transportation Services on Twitter

UK Parking & Transportation Services is now on Twitter! To follow news on parking and transportation issues on campus on Twitter, go to Users must create a Twitter account to join. Once logged in, account holders have the choice of following other users and activating their mobile devices to receive "tweets" from UKParking and other users as they post them.

Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time.

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