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New Student Parking and Transportation Information

Welcome to UK! To help make the transition to UK as smooth as possible for freshmen and transfer students, we have compiled some information that will be beneficial to you and your parents as you navigate your way around campus.

Please take some time to explore our web site. You will find answers to frequently asked questions, campus parking maps, bus routes and schedules, and more! It will be a useful tool during your time at UK.

2015 Merit Weekend presentation for incoming students and parents

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Parents’ Guide to PTS

Where is Parking and Transportation Services located?

The central office for Parking & Transportation Services is located in the Press Avenue Garage (PS #6), at the corner of Press and Virginia Avenues. Our mailing address and phone number may be found on our contact page.

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How and when does my son or daughter apply for their permit?

Commuter permit renewal begins June 6. For new UK students or those changing their permit type, applications are accepted beginning July 1. Permits are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Students may apply for permits online, through the mail using our printable forms or by visiting our main office location at Parking Structure #6, 721 Press Avenue. The online application option ends on August 24.

It is extremely important that the student’s name is used when applying, and not the parent’s name.

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Are parking permits refundable?

Yes, parking permit refunds are issued on a monthly prorated basis.

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Where can I park when I visit campus?

If you are visiting a student living in a residence hall, your student host must provide you with a guest parking permit that allows temporary parking in the spaces marked for residence halls. Parking permits are available at PTS. Temporary passes will be issued on a space available basis in the residence hall parking area or to the next closest parking area.

Short-term visitor parking is also available at pay parking meters, Parking Structure #5 on South Limestone and Parking Structure #7 on Sports Center Drive. Visitors parking in Parking Structures #5 or #7 have the option of paying the hourly fee with cash or credit card (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX/Discover Card).

Most employee lots and student commuter lots are accessible and available on weekends. Permits are not required after 3:30 p.m. Friday until 5:00 a.m. Monday. On weekdays, visitors may pay to park in Parking Structure #5 and Parking Structure #7.

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My student parks their vehicle at Commonwealth Stadium. How crowded is this area?

During the first few weeks of fall semester, parking and traffic at Commonwealth Stadium is extremely congested. In part, this is because we do not control for parking permits in the K lots immediately, allowing students time to apply for and receive their permits. Crowding in the Stadium area eases once students have obtained their permits and familiarized themselves with their class schedules.

As this is the main commuter student parking area, PTS pays for Lextran bus service from the Stadium parking lot to main campus. The bus runs every 5 minutes during peak times, and every 10 minutes the remainder of the day. A map and schedule can be found on our bus information page.

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My son or daughter does not have an R permit. Can they park near their residence hall while loading/unloading?

The main move-in and move-out weekends are exceptions to the rule, in that designated short-term loading and unloading zones are available near the residence halls. These areas are clearly marked and staffed by UK employees. However, no such zones are available during the remainder of the academic year. PTS does not condone the use of hazard lights instead of parking legally. If a vehicle is illegally parked, no matter the duration, it may be subject to a parking citation or impoundment.

Some residence halls have parking meters or pay parking facilities in close proximity.

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How can my student tell if they have citations?

Often students forget about or lose citations. After clicking on Pay a Citation, they will have the option to search by license plate number or citation number.

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How does the night and on-demand bus service work?

The CATS bus Yellow Night Route runs from 6:00 p.m. to midnight, Monday through Friday. A map and schedule of that route is available online.

Beginning at midnight Monday through Friday and 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, drivers are available to transport students on an on-call basis. By calling (859) 221-RIDE, students can arrange for a ride anywhere on campus. Calls must be received at least 30 minutes prior to the end of on-demand service.

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What is the Lextran Class Pass, and where is it available?

The Class Pass is a cost-effective solution for students who ride Lextran city buses frequently. This applies to buses which operate outside the campus periphery; Lextran buses from Commonwealth Stadium to main campus are free to students and subsidized by PTS.

The price is $50 for a semester or $75 for a school year. Class Passes are available at all three PTS locations, in addition to the Lextran Transit Center on Vine Street and online at the Lextran Web site. Passes for the 2012-13 academic year will be available in late August.

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My student brought their bike to campus. Can they lock it up anywhere as long as the bike is not blocking pedestrian traffic?

While we encourage people to ride on campus, bicycles have a set of regulations similar to motor vehicles. Riders are required to use one of the many bicycle racks on campus to park. Locking a bike to a bench or a building's handrail, for example, may result in citation or impoundment. To reduce confrontation between bicycles and pedestrians, UK does not allow bicycles to be ridden on most sidewalks within the core of Main Campus. Cyclists should use caution in the areas designated by the "Shared Use" symbol on the sidewalk. Finally, PTS strongly encourages all members of the campus community who plan to park their bike on campus to obtain and display a valid bike permit, which is available free of charge on the PTS website.

Please read through the bicycle information, as well as the parking and permit regulations.

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Where can I get answers to parking- and transportation-related questions?

Our department web site is your best source of information, such as permit calendars, maps, and bus schedules. If you are unable to find the information that you need, we encourage you to email or call us directly. Our email address and phone numbers may be found on our contact page. You can also contact PTS through our Twitter page.

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