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Spring Break Parking and Bus Service (2015)

During spring break, demand for student parking is greatly reduced. As a result, Parking and Transportation Services does not control many of the student areas for permits during this period.

In general, all Residential (R) lots and all single use Commuter (C) lots are off control from March 14 through March 22. All Employee (E) lots will remain on control, including the combination E/C lots specified below, as well as the R17 lot (Wildcat Coal Lodge).

Parking Lots Off Control During Spring Break

  • R3/R7 - Complex Drive, Sports Center Drive (Jerry Claiborne Way) Lot and Sports Center Garage (PS #7)
  • R4 - Fraternity Row Parking Lot
  • R5 - Sorority Row Parking Lot (Columbia Terrace)
  • R6 - Seminary
  • R8 - Commonwealth Village Apartments, Greg Page Apartments, Shawneetown
  • R10 - Woodland Avenue Lot
  • R11 - Columbia Avenue Lot
  • R14 - SAE Lot (Rose Lane)
  • R16 - Seminary Apartments
  • R18 - Behind Memorial Coliseum
  • K - Commonwealth Stadium Lots

Parking Lots on Control During Spring Break (Permit Required)

  • R17 - Wildcat Coal Lodge (Permit Required)
  • E/C2 - Orange Lot
  • E/C5 - South Limestone Garage (PS #5)
  • E/C6 - Green Lot
  • E/C7 - Scott Street and Taylor/Dickey Lots
  • C8 - Shively Sports Complex

Bus Service During Spring Break

The UK HealthCare Route and the Kentucky Clinic Route will continue to run their normal schedule. One CATS bus will operate on a modified version of the Break Route from 7 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. The route will be modified due to the scheduled Woodland Avenue closure. All other CATS and Lextran campus bus service will cease during Spring Break.

The On-Demand Night Service will run on Sunday, March 22, with service beginning at 7 p.m. All other campus bus service will return to normal operations on Monday, March 23.

Additional Instructions

Please note that even though these lots are not controlled for permits, they are still monitored for other parking violations to include, but not limited to, parking in fire lanes, on yellow lines, and for unauthorized parking in disabled accessible areas.

During Spring Break, parking meters will remain on control in parking lots being controlled for permits.

All lots will resume normal control on Monday, March 23.