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The regulation and policy library serves as the official repository of all University-wide Governing and Administrative Regulations, and provides links to other University policy, in order to provide accurate and up-to-date policy information to the University community.


Picture of Main BuildingGoverning Regulations
Umbrella policies of the Board of Trustees that provide the framework for administration to implement and comply with the intent of Board Policy. Policies that define requirements or constraints that impact the University's overall mission, operation, or governance.


  • Picture of UK staffAdministrative Regulations
    Policies of the President that implement the Governing Regulations and provide for the general administration and oversight of the University.
  • Picture of a pen and paperBusiness Procedures Manual
    Policies relating to the University’s accounting, budgeting, procurement, travel, and other financial functions.
  • Picture of UK StaffHuman Resources Policies and Procedures
    Policies and procedures relating to employment with the University for all employee groups, except that certain policies for faculty are contained in the Governing and Administrative Regulations.


All regulations found at this web site are subject to change from time to time as approved by the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees or the President. The university administration no longer disseminates hard copies of the regulations or revisions. The web copy, located at Regulations Library, is updated as needed following approval. Prior to acting in reliance upon a specific regulation as it appears in any copy, please check to make sure that the Board or the President has not recently approved any additions or revisions to that specific policy.

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