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AR 7:6 Intellectual Property Disposition and Administrative Regulation [Official PDF]


The purpose of this regulation is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology and the utilization of such knowledge and the technology to the general benefit of society; to provide an administrative system to determine the commercial significance of discoveries and new developments and to assist in bringing these into public use; to provide for the equitable disposition of interests in new intellectual property among the developer, author, or inventor (the originator), the University, and, where applicable, the sponsor; to provide incentives to originators in the form of personal development, professional recognition, and financial compensation; and to safeguard intellectual property so that it may receive adequate and appropriate legal protection against unauthorized use.

Topics Include

Intellectual Property, IPC, UKRF, KTI, Patent, Copyright, Licensing

Regulation Information

Effective Date: 6/22/1993

Responsible Official / Office: Provost / VP Research

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