Wildcat Cost Calculator

The Wildcat Cost Calculator provides an estimate of the basic expenses for attending the University of Kentucky as a new undergraduate student. It is intended to help students and families in planning your financial expenses as you complete your undergraduate education. Cost estimates are calculated based on your inputs for semesters of enrollment, residency, and housing and dining plans.


Credit Hours

Undergraduate students enrolled in 12 credit hours or more per semester are considered full-time.


If you will not be living on campus, this calculator will estimate rental housing expenses.


If you do not choose an on-campus dining plan, estimated food and grocery expenses will be calculated.

Total Estimated Cost of Enrollment

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Estimated Total Billable Cost

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Estimated Total Non-Billable Cost

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Books and Supplies
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Estimated Total Non-Billable Cost

Non-billable Costs include items associated with financing your education at the University of Kentucky that will not appear on your account statement. These items include books, personal expenses, transportation, and off-campus living expenses.

Estimated Total Billable Cost

Billable Costs include items that will appear on your University of Kentucky account statement. These items include tuition and mandatory fees, program and course fees, and on-campus housing and meal plans.

Tuition and Mandatory Fee, Housing, and Meal Plan estimates reflect the 2015-2016 rates. Actual rates for the 2016-2017 academic year are subject to Board of Trustees approval.

  • The full-time rate is charged to undergraduate students enrolled for 12 credit hours or more. Students enrolled part-time and in intersessions (e.g. summer and winter terms) are charged on a per-credit hour basis.
  • Additional Program and/or Course Fees may applied to the University bill, depending on college, major, and course enrollment: www.uky.edu/registrar/sites/www.uky.edu.registrar/files/addfees_0.pdf
  • Students living in on-campus housing must select an on-campus meal plan.
  • Estimated costs do not include additional miscellaneous costs, such as computers, parking, entertainment, student organization fees, laundry, clothing, dining out, utilities, recreational, and other living expenses beyond the estimated personal expense total.

Part-Time Students

For those students who enroll in fewer than 12 credit hours and not living on campus, please note that the housing and meal plan costs are estimates and will not be billed.