A note from the UK Staff Trustee:

I attended my first UK Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting in Bowling Green, Kentucky September 8-9. I had the pleasure of meeting fellow Trustees and learn more about events and activities at the University of Kentucky.

When I was running for Staff Representative position on the BOT, I promised to communicate with fellow staff on a regular basis. Though a lengthy written text is not my preferred mode of communication, it was the best avenue for this particular need.

If you have been following the news media from last week’s meeting, you know my first BOT meeting was quite a hectic one. To no surprise, a majority of the meeting centered around UK’s current lawsuits against the Kentucky Kernel and the Kentucky Attorney General regarding open records.

My goal in this email is to first provide you the facts. I must admit that I was disappointed in the media coverage from the BOT meeting. Though several media members were at the meeting, the coverage of the meeting’s events were not as inclusive as I would have expected.

I will share with you the facts that were presented at the meeting. There are no shortage of opinions on this topic, and I have my beliefs. I will share those later in the email. But there has been a severe shortage of facts. So let’s start with the facts. 

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