Our Mission, Vision and Values

The University of Kentucky must become a national model for a thriving, public, residential, research-intensive campus.

A campus that:

  • Is dedicated to student success at all levels. From undergraduates who are leaving home for the first time to graduate students seeking to discover and impart knowledge to others in academia or private industry, we will prepare our students to collaborate with the world’s next generation of leaders.
  • Maintains a philosophy of openness and inclusivity. As Kentucky’s flagship land-grant university, a “diversity of community” is pivotal if we hope to serve our state’s best interests. Strong diversity among our faculty, students and staff is the best way that we can ensure accomplishment of these goals and thereby place UK among the best universities in the world that deliver on this promise.

  • Intently concentrates on modernizing its residential campus while expanding its reach through online programs, a multidisciplinary focus, and partnerships. We believe technology cannot replace the experience of students and scholars living and learning together. Instead, technology emboldens and enlivens the residential experience. We will combine the best of both to maximize the success of students and faculty.
  • Places a priority on being a top research-intensive institution. We want our students to have access to cutting-edge research and world-renowned scholars from the moment they set foot on campus—not over a remote connection, but in a lab or classroom, using technology to augment and enhance their learning and research experiences.
  • Continues to be indispensable to our Commonwealth while having global impact. We have been indispensable to the Commonwealth for 150 years through our education, research, agriculture, health care, economic development, and service. We will—and we must—remain Kentucky’s indispensable institution.


Our Mission

The University of Kentucky is a public, land grant university dedicated to improving people's lives through excellence in education, research and creative work, service, and health care. As Kentucky's flagship institution, the University plays a critical leadership role by promoting diversity, inclusion, economic development, and human well-being.


Our Vision

As Kentucky’s indispensable educational institution, we transform the lives of our students and advance the Commonwealth we serve and beyond through our teaching and learning, diversity and inclusion, discovery, research and creativity, promotion of health, and deep community engagement.


Our Values

Mutual respect and human dignity
Diversity and inclusion
Academic freedom
Personal and institutional responsibility and accountability
Shared governance
A sense of community
Work-life sensitivity
Civic engagement
Social responsibility