The Student Center Renovation & Expansion

Eric Monday - Walkthrough video

Eric N. Monday, UK executive vice president for finance and administration, took a walk through the Student Center to learn more about the project and what he calls the "living room for the campus." Check out the video produced by UKNow

Social Staircase Video

The Social Staircase is one of the major focal points of the Student Center's renovated facility. Take a look at how it's coming along!

Updated Floor Plans

We've added some updated Floor Plans that you can check out! You can see them either at our Blog Page or on our Concepts and Floorplans page!


Champions Kitchen Opening Weekend


Residential Dining in the Student Center is open! We had a small opening for members to experience the newly opened section. Here is a video highlighting some of the exciting new options available in the completed Student Center. We were also able to interview Steven Clem of Clem's Refridgerated Foods, and get his input on his company's role in the new dining facility, as well as his initial impressions towards the dining area. Enjoy!

Shanghai University Visit

The Student Center recently had the distinct honor of hosting officials from Shanghai University for a site tour of the (nearly finished!) Student Center. We hope the visit will inspire their upcoming efforts to renovate their own Student Center - and that we'll get to take a trip to Shanghai to check it out! Check out our recap of the visit for an updated look at the building's interior:

On November 2nd, we were able to walkthrough the entire Student Center facility to get a look at how the interior is coming along. Check out our video below and our Latest News & Blog section to see more photos!

And be sure to check out our Updated timelapse here!

Hello and welcome! This website was created to keep the University of Kentucky campus community and friends informed about the renovation and expansion of our Student Center. On this site you’ll find a brief history of the building, a tentative timetable for construction and completion, and eventually – designs and a list of services that will be available in the new building. Please take a look around, and if you have a question to which you can’t find an answer, drop us a line!

Live Video Feed

Interested on keeping up with the construction project in real time? Click this link to be taken to a live camera feed!

Video Fly-through

As the project continues on its way, we offer this video fly-through to give everyone an idea of what the UK Student Center will look like upon completion.

July Update

On July 14th student employees from the UK Student Center and students from the University of Kentucky Forestry Club met at the Wood Utilization Center in Robinson Forest, located in Quicksand, KY. We took some photos and a full write-up of the experience there! Check it out on our Latest News & Blog section!

June Update

We we've been given some photos of the Student Center's progress from an aerial camera! Check out some of the shots over in our Latest News & Blog section!

January Update

We have a second video from the walkthrough we did back in November. Check it out over at our Latest News & Blog section!

December Update

The Student Center Renovation and Expansion project is coming along on schedule! We were invited to take a tour to view the transformation of the Student Center. Be sure to check out the video over in our Latest News & Blog section!

Topping Out Ceremony

On August 26th, the Student Center hosted a "Topping Out" ceremony to celebrate the worker's achievements. We had brought a steel beam for students, faculty, staff, and everyone else involved with the construction to sign their names. At the end of the ceremony, the beam was hoisted and fastened to the steel frame of the building, where it will remain. We have posted some photos and videos from the ceremony, and you can view them over in our Latest News & Blog section!

August Update

On August 11th, 2016, we got to check out the Student Center site again and grab some more pictures! Be sure to check out the video over in our Latest News & Blog section!

July Update

On July 20th 2016, we had the opportunity to visit the site and see in real time how construction is progressing. You can view the video over in our Latest News & Blog section!

June Update

June 30th, 2016 Steering Committee members Drew Crawford (Graduate Student, Gatton College of Business and Economics) and Dorothy Prather (Undergraduate Student, College of Education-Kinesiology) visited the Construction Work Site and met with Messer Construction Managers to see how intricate and sophisticated the construction industry has become. A truly exciting time seeing how the process works with 3-dimensional digital fly-bys insuring that all the pieces fit together correctly.

May Update

The project continues to take shape, as you can see from the steel structure rising on the site. The steel structure is also being assembled inside Alumni Gym, to establish support for the two levels of fitness and wellness equipment. Almost every day there is some noticeable change taking place, which adds to the excitement of the UK Student Center Renovation and Expansion REALLY happening. The Steering Committee, user groups, and building tenants are looking forward to seeing recommendations from the Interior Design Team on furniture, and room sets, on June 1st & 2nd .
As a reminder, the 1938 section of the building will be kept intact, with a complete renovation and update being done to the inside. This is to preserve the historical facade and brickwork that has been a part of the structure from the very beginning.  photo IMG_5658_zps9yu90eul.jpg

April Update

Some metal framework is shaping up outside of the Student Center! We were able to snap a couple of quick pictures! Check it out over on out Latest News & Blog section section!

March Update

We were able to take another trip to the construction site to get more pictures of the insides of the Student Center and Alumni Gym. We were also able to talk with Ron Lee, Director of Campus Recreation and get his thoughts. Check out the pictures and interview on our Latest News & Blog section section!

November Updates! We spoke to Jim Wims, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs to get his thoughts about the Student Center Renovation and Expansion project. You can see the interview on our Latest News & Blog section section!
We interviewed Lead Project Manager Reggie Smith to get his thoughts on the current status of the Renovation and Expansion project. Check it out at out Latest News & Blog section section!
We were able to take some more pictures from the construction site. Check them out on our Latest News & Blog section section. October Updates! We've added some more demolition picture to our Latest News & Blog section for you to view! See the progress we've made! September Updates! We were allowed access to do a walkthrough of the Student Center and took some photos of the inside! Check out our Latest News & Blog section to see them! July Updates! We've added a new section our website. Check out our Concepts and Floorplans section to see the future of the University of Kentucky Student Center! June Updates! Demolition of the Student Center has began! Check out our Renovation Blog To see some of the photos! May Updates! Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration Eric Monday made a post about Campus Transformation that mentioned the Student Center! Check it out By clicking this link! March Updates! Please visit our new link Temporary Facilities and Transitions By clicking the link here, on the side bar, or the menu at the top. This link will provide users with information on where to find any Student Center based services they may be looking for during the Student Center's down time while the renovation and expansion is occuring. January Updates! The “reimagined transformation of the UK Student Center” has entered the Design Development Phase. The Executive Committee has met with the Design Team to further develop the square footage assignments of spaces within the building, and preliminary finishes, wall structures and pedestrian traffic routes. Looking forward to the next months, the Design Team will have their 3rd series of meetings with user groups and stakeholders to refine actual working elements, needs, finishes and placements. Faculty engagement in the process has been critical to success, as faculty are critical stakeholders and frequently can articulate unique perspectives on what they observe as student and community needs. Meet Rebekah Radtke, a faculty member of the Steering Committee. December Updates! Eric Monday, the Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration was interviewed by our team to get his thoughts and projections for the renovation and expansion project. View his video here and also check out the other videos on the playlist to hear from our architects, and other members of the steering committee! November Updates! The Schematic Design phase is in its final planning meetings. Meanwhile, two students, Dorothy Prather and Brittany Holian have shared their thoughts on the Student Center Expansion. You can view their videos here as well as the previous videos of the Archictects.
October Updates! The Schematic Design phase is nearing its completion! We'll have the schematic designs available for public viewing as soon as they are available. As for now, feel free to check out some interviews we had with the lead architects on this project in this playlist here
COMING TOGETHER: SUMMER 2014 Usually summer is a quiet time on campus, but we've been hard at work taking the first steps on our journey towards a new building. The renovation Executive and Steering committees have been meeting with key partners from across campus in order to get a better sense of what the new facility will “feel” like. We’re hoping to have some renderings for your consideration in the coming months. In the meantime, please continue to check back, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive timely updates. May/June 2014 Highlights • Kick off meeting and planning sessions of Steering Committee • Held numerous focus group meetings with key campus partners including academic departments, administrative departments and (most importantly) student organizations. • Asked President Capilouto to share his vision for a reimagined Student Center and the overall transformation of the University. • Presented preliminary findings and processes to President Capilouto for approval. Coming Up • LEED environmental analysis for high levels of sustainability and stewardship. • Begin code analysis to ensure federal and state building regulation compliance. • Meet with structural engineers for any potential issues. • Review potential service locations.