Code of Student Conduct



The University is empowered by Kentucky Law K.R.S. 164.200 to establish a disciplinary system to govern the campus. The statute provides:

"The Board of Trustees may establish proper regulations for the government of the University and the physical training, military or otherwise, of the students. It may authorize the suspension and dismissal of students for neglect or violation of the regulations, or for other conduct prejudicial to the character and welfare of the University."

By this publication of the rules governing student conduct, the University recognizes that students have the right to know the circumstances and manner in which this disciplinary power will be exercised and advises students that disciplinary rules shall be enforced.

The Code does not cover decisions of the faculty of a professional school as to character, moral or ethical, required of a student for purposes of awarding a degree or certificate, or for continuation as a candidate for such degree or certificate. Similarly, the Code does not cover decisions of the University Administration that are made concerning a contractual agreement between the University and a student. Therefore, such decisions are not subject to review within the procedures established in the Code unless specifically stated within the Code.

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