Provost Link Student Success

Retention Efforts from the Office of Student Affairs

Academic Checkpoints

Over the course of each semester, particular weeks have been designated for RAs to connect with their residents and discuss academic issues. The preferred weeks have been purposely selected around important academic events such as midterms or priority registration. For every academic checkpoint, there is an attached assignment or journal which the RA will need to complete. The purpose is for RAs and Hall Directors to stay in touch with how each resident is doing academically and to be able to offer support and resources in a timely way.

After Office Hours

“After Office Hours” is a program where faculty, staff and student leaders volunteer to visit the residence halls in the evenings (after normal work hours) and respond to student questions and concerns. Along with Senior Staff and RAs, volunteers greet students in a designated area of the residence hall for a reception style question & answer session. The purpose is not only to answer questions but also to form connections between students, faculty, and staff that students can utilize for help throughout the year.

“Not In Our Halls” Campaign

“Not In Our Halls” is a campus-wide educational initiative that helps residents recognize and question stereotypes and prejudices and/or identify and challenge inappropriate or discriminatory actions or situations. Each residence hall provides programs throughout the year that support the “Not In Our Halls” theme and use the “Not In Our Halls” logo. Senior Staff coordinate the planning of these events with Hall Government and/or RA staff at the beginning of the semester. This initiative helps to promote a sense of belonging for all students living in our residence halls. 5: 4 sections