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Retention Efforts from the Division of Undergraduate Education

Non-Registered Student Outreach

Undergraduate Education coordinates academic advisor outreach to students who are currently enrolled at UK but have not priority registered for the upcoming semester.  Advisors are provided with details to support their outreach, including students with financial holds and those who have not yet met with their academic advisor to discuss the next semester.  Academic advisors work individually with their students to assess their intent to return and address any obstacles that may be preventing registration.  This effort in Spring 2012 contributed to a $5.7 million undergraduate tuition gain from subsequent registrations.

Student Alert System

Undergraduate Education’s student alert system allows faculty and staff to notify academic advisors when a student performs poorly in a class or shares evidence of difficulties that may place them at risk of leaving the university.  Academic advisors contact their assigned advisees to offer assistance with these issues and connect them with appropriate campus resources.  Students also receive alert messages from their instructors when their academic performance requires greater attention.  During the 2011-2012 academic year, over 4,500 student alerts were issued and addressed.

Midterm Grade Outreach

Undergraduate Education provides all academic advisors with a list of their assigned students who have a D or E grade in a course at midterm.  Advisors contact their students individually to discuss their academic situation and suggest strategies to address the source(s) of their academic struggles.  Students who respond to this outreach show higher term GPAs, accumulate more credit hours per semester, and are about 20% more likely to register at UK in future semesters.  

Academic Enhancement

Undergraduate Education offers peer tutoring, individual academic consultations, and study skills instruction for academically at-risk students through The Study. 

Academic Preparation Program

Undergraduate Education provides placement testing, supplemental instruction, and academic advising for students who are underprepared in reading, writing, and/or math skills.  The program offers a network of academic and personal support for these students making the challenging adjustment to college-level expectations.  Students who complete coursework in this program show improved performance in subsequent courses.

Advising Leadership

Undergraduate Education provides campus-wide leadership for academic advising and facilitates regular communication and collaboration with academic advisors, who are best positioned to identify potential issues and support students who are encountering difficulty.