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Publications from the Education Advisory Board

Improving Student Retention Through Early Intervention [PDF]

SUMMARY: At-risk students experience improved chances for success when they connect with campus support services at the earliest possible time preceding matriculation. Unfortunately, many students lack the initiative or wherewithal to seek assistance when needed, leaving the university responsible for finding and supporting at-risk cases. Progressive universities are identifying at-risk students using admissions application materials, freshmen surveys, and class attendance monitoring, then aggressively targeting these students with supplemental advising and support well before problems manifest. Profiled practices result in as much as a seven percent gain in freshmen retention.

Considerations for Implementing A Two-Year On-Campus Residency Requirement [PDF]

SUMMARY: Some universities require second-years to live on campus to enhance student retention, engagement, and satisfaction. This brief describes how several medium and large-sized institutions successfully transitioned to a two-year on-campus housing policy. It offers strategies for stakeholder communication, facilities expansion, sophomore-targeted programming, and other aspects of the conversion.