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Waiving Applications Fees Effects on Applications and Class Profile [PDF]

SUMMARY: As competition for potential students increases, institutions across the country are exploring various methods of reducing application barriers and encouraging more students to apply, including waiving application fees. This brief examines the experiences of a selection of private institutions that have eliminated their application fees in recent years.  Topics considered include impacts on application numbers and quality, as well as effects upon class size and profile. In addition, the Council considers different institutional approaches to mitigating revenue loss as a result of the fee waiver.

Examining Mandatory Fee Models at Public Universities [PDF]

SUMMARY: Student fees often provide essential funding for key student services; however, many institutions struggle to control number and amount of fees charged to students given rising tuition costs.  This brief reviews the mandatory student fee structures at five large public universities, considering common fee types, steps in the fee-setting process, and models for creating new fees.