Workshop Requests

At your request, Transformative Learning staff are available to present on a variety of topics in almost any setting. We are happy to provide presentations in class, on campus, or in residence halls. Our presenters are energetic, dynamic, and try to make the sessions interactive and enjoyable for the participants.

Below are descriptions for the currently available workshops we offer. To request a workshop, please CLICK HERE. You may click the title of each workshop to view the available lesson plan. 


Study Success

To request a Study Skills workshop, please click here.

  • Exam Preparation: Learn the best strategies to make you confident, prepared and excited for exams!

  • Study Smarter with the Study Cycle: Want to be successful in your classes and have free-time left over? Let us teach you how to study smarter by applying the Study Cycle to your study routine!

  • Succeeding in a Large Lecture: One way to get a great GPA is to be successful in large lecture classes. This workshop will teach you how!

  • Bust Procrastination and Get Organized!College isn't just about taking classes. Let our experts teach you how to manage your schedule to get the most out of your classes and still have time for the college experience!

  • Learning with LASSI: Students will take the Learning & Study Strategies Inventory prior to the workshop and then learn to understand and leverage that information as they set goals for the semester. 

  • Achieve Your Goals!: Conquer the Chaos! Don't let distractions get in the way of what you want to accomplish. Our experts can train you to set and achieve your goals in college, work, and life!

  • Mindset Matters: The way you think about thinking matters when it comes to achieving success in college. Come to this workshop to learn how to engage in growth mindset and become a self-regulated learner.