Headed Home for Winter Break?

BreakShuttle, formerly Ride Home Express, is offering charter bus service during academic breaks this year. Read more about this new service.

Free Airport Shuttle Service Over Winter Break

Thinking about winter break? Did you know that UK Transportation Services offers free airport shuttle service to three area airports? Read More.

18-19 Employee Commuting and Parking

Transportation Services is expanding mobility options for 2018-2019 with a continued focus on increasing choice and predictability. The following outlines options for employees who choose to commute by automobile while also sharing the full spectrum of transportation options available. View details.

18-19 Student Commuting and Parking

Transportation Services strives to make campus and the surrounding community accessible to every student without the need for an automobile. The following information outlines the spectrum of transportation options available to students, including 2018-2019 student parking options. View details.