2018-19 Employee Transportation Options

Over the past few years, Transportation Services has greatly expanded mobility options for the campus community. These efforts will continue for the 2018-2019 academic year with a continued focus on increasing choice and predictability.

The following information outlines parking options for employees who choose to commute by automobile while also sharing the full spectrum of transportation options available to employees, ranging from free commuting options like BluPass, financially incentivized options like cash out and bike vouchers, to a variety of parking options with varying levels of proximity, predictability and price.


Bike Voucher Program:

The bicycle voucher program annually awards $400 in vouchers valid at participating local bike shops to eligible students and employees in exchange for an agreement to forgo a motor vehicle parking permit for two years.

Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library:

Free-of-charge short-term or long-term employee and departmental bike rentals, as well as a free, education-based repair shop.



All employees and students ride free on all Lextran city routes simply by showing their Wildcard ID.

Campus Buses:

Campus bus services provides easy and free access to campus. All areas of campus are less than a 5 minute walk from a bus stop with buses arriving every 7-10 minutes.

Bus Tracking:

All campus routes, as well as Lextran city routes, are viewable real-time on TransLoc Rider, UK’s GPS-based bus locating system accessible at uky.transloc.com and via the free TransLoc Rider smartphone app.

Other Alternatives

Cash Out:

The “cash out” incentive program gives qualified employees each $200 over a one-year period in exchange for a one-year agreement to forgo a motor vehicle parking permit.


For the 2018-2019 academic year, employee parking permit rates will largely remain unchanged.

Parking rates will only increase if an individual chooses to purchase a permit within a higher tier.

Reserved Parking

18-19 Monthly Price: $111
18-19 Annual Price: $1,332

Description: A limited number of permits providing the highest degree of convenience and predictability. Purchase is restricted to senior UK HealthCare leadership and clinical faculty in addition to pre-designated University leadership.

Core Parking

18-19 Monthly Price: $56
18-19 Annual Price: $672

Description: A flexible parking option with access to desirable parking within the campus core. Core permits are limited within specific areas to ensure predictability.

Intermediate Parking (includes E, EVA, E-Retiree)

18-19 Monthly Price: $37
18-19 Annual Price: $444

Description: A flexible parking option providing first-come, first serve access to a variety of designated parking garages, lots and areas. Does not guarantee availability in any specific area.

Periphery Parking

18-19 Monthly Price: $34
18-19 Annual Price: $408

Description: A discounted parking option with access to Kroger Field periphery parking lots. Periphery parking areas are served by various campus shuttles.